Alutech is a Hong Kong based Danish-owned parent Company with a wholly-owned foreign enterprise in Guangzhou, China. Our company focuses on product development and innovative lighting solutions and we work closely with our clients with a view to realizing their visions and exceeding their expectations. Alutech was founded more than 12 years ago and today, we utilize our extensive knowledge of lighting, steel, aluminum, plastic, fabric, glass, stationary and election material products to manufacture highly functional and innovative merchandise at a level of quality that is second to none. Alutech's experience and professionalism enable us to help our clients enhance their competitiveness and profitability by: • fully appreciate our clients’ specific requests • utilizing our experience and expertise in the fields of design and production • procuring the right materials to achieve maximum quality • closely monitoring the production process and demanding the highest standards of quality control • strict adherence to scheduled delivery dates Over the years, Alutech has completed numerous projects for both smaller clients and larger branded companies and we undertake all our assignments with the highest levels of dedication and professionalism. Here at Alutech, we never compromise on the quality of either our products or our customer service and we are proud of our outstanding reputation for first-rate customer satisfaction. We understand your expectations and together, we will help you achieve your goals.

Phone: +86 (20) 87531195