Ideas Danmark Aps

In the 20th century, grinding was dominated by steel and plastic grinder burrs. In 1992, by coincident, IDEAS discovered a disposable grinder in a supermarket that was equipped with a ceramic grinder. The source was found and the technology was secured. The years hereafter, the geometry and value based functions were combined into the CrushGrind® product that was launched in 1994. In the following decades, the standard in the market has changed into ceramic because of CrushGrind®. The idea behind CrushGrind® is exactly the same as the old traditional mortars. CrushGrind® can grind pepper, salt, dried spices and dried herbs. The CrushGrind® technology optimizes the release of essential oils and flavors as they are being processed by crushing and grinding the spices. This results in maximum use of the spices and most flavour enhancement in your daily food. Today, CrushGrind® comes in many shapes, sizes and purposes ranging from salt & pepper to spices and now also coffee. Our CrushGrind® Coffee technology is up to 5 times more efficient than other market products and can be used for all sorts of coffee ranging from French press, filter, espresso to Turkish coffee.