Maersk Container Industry Dongguan Ltd. (MCID)

MCID was established and registered on 25 May 2005 as a wholly-foreign owned company specializing in manufacturing of dry cargo containers. MCID is a legal entity that wholly owns and runs the former Dongguan Winco Container Co., Ltd.,(hereafter referred to as Winco),which was awarded to Maersk Container Industry A/S of Tinglev, Denmark on 25 November 2004 in an open tender held in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. MCID covers an area of approximately 300,000 m2 with a port permit to handle domestic transport including Hong Kong and Macau. Business scope: Manufacturing and sale of various Containers including, Special Containers, Container House, Semi finished, Containers and related spare parts, unpowered trailers/chassis and related spare parts, Modular House and related spare parts, Steel Frames and related spare parts, Hardware, Auto parts and Motorcycle parts , as well as repair, maintenance and modification thereof. The Company shall import and export containers and wholesale, import and export non transportation containers. Company area: an approximate area of 300,000 sqm in total Factory area: 45,000 sqm Warehouse area: 15,700 sqm Office area: 7,600 sqm . 

Phone: +86-769-88826668